Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My very first mini-album

I was very much at the last minute when I made this mini. I believe I made it on the 23rd of December last year, in 7 hours, non stop. What took me the longest time was to select which photo I was going to use, with which papers. The rest just flowed. I'd been doing scrapbooking for 3 months when I did this mini.

I purchased an accordion album, and since there was no time to alter the cover, I left it as is, only adding a picture on each side, with a metal frame and cut-out images from a patterned paper (Night light from October Afternoon) The album was purchased in advance, but when I sat down to make it, it was too late to buy any missing supplies (like alphas!!). I had to make do!

Each side of the mini was devoted to one of my sister's two kids.

Let's start with G's side.

Now for M's side...


Anonymous said...

It's really quite good for a first album!
I like what you've done with one of the photo, the one where it says quel bolide!
Well done!
Hugs xx

Adriana Jordão said...

I rememered my first mini. I as very excited and happy because I was able to do it. In bthe beginning, when I saw those beautiful models in the books, I though it was like a magician- who could do that???
As Pat said, your mini is really good for the first. I will return here to see if you gonna do more! I love minis!!!! Pleasure to see your projects!!! Au revoir!